The festival

9th Lagoa

The Municipality of Lagoa, on the initiative of its President and the Councilor for Culture, within the scope of its cultural offer to the city, will carry out the 9th Lagoa International Guitar Festival, from September 10 to October 1, 2022 Day consecrated to Music.
The 9th Lagoa International Guitar Festival, as in previous years, will have a program in which it will present diverse musical languages, interpreted by great national and international musicians.

The role of the Festival also offers the opportunity to enhance the Heritage of the Municipality. In this sense, there will be a concern for the different concerts to take place in different spaces of the Municipality, providing knowledge and contact with the most emblematic sites, monuments and infrastructures. The 9th Lagoa International Guitar Festival, we are sure, will provide unique moments of meeting between music and heritage, between the virtuosity of excellent performers and the beauty of unique spaces, between instrumental perfectionism and a place of peace of mind.

Eudoro Grade
Artistic Diretion

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